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"We have grilled cheese sandwiches if you like cheese though."The father asked his son, "How would that be, son? Want a grilled cheese?""And French fries?", the boy asked."We have French fries", the waitress said. "So you want French fries, grilled cheese...and for you, sir?""Bring me a French dip sandwich and a cup of coffee, nymphets dark thanks", he replied, "And he'll have a small Coke."Once the waitress waited away, Jock could nymphet childs hear the dad whisper as he leaned over the table toward the boy, "How's your throat feeling, son?""Hmmm, okay, I guess", the little boy replied."Some of them were real big ones today, weren't they?", the man whispered some more.Over the booth seat that divided them, all that Jock could see was the very top of the boy's blonde head as it nodded up and down."Take a drink teeny nymphet porn of your ukrianian angels nymphets ice water", the father then said. "It will make your throat feel better." 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Don't they get off work like we do at school?""Oh, they get off at work, son", the man joked. "But grown ups aren't always luck ducks like you kids who go to school. They have to work every day during the week." "But you were off today, daddy", the boy stated. "Or is that because you own your business?""That's right", the man answered. "I'm lucky because ukraine nymphets pics I can take off whenever I need to.""Do you think I helped them, xxx russian nymphetes daddy?", the innocent nymphets legal small boy then asked."Helped them?", his father replied."You know", the boy asked as he took another gulp of the sexy little nymphet angels cold water. "The way daddies sometimes need to be helped but don't at their bbs nymphet cp own houses.""Yes", the man said as though he were the proudest dad at a school talent show. "You were the best as usual. 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You're my boy."Jock normally would have paid his tab and left by this time but he was too curious and oddly aroused to leave the diner quite yet.When the waitress served the man and his son their food, Jock asked for another refill of coffee."Did you count them today, daddy?", the boy asked as he tried his hardest to get some ketchup out of its bottle.His father took the bottle from his son and shook it for him, aiming the ketchup next to the boy's fries."Um huh", he replied as he put the bottle down. "I always do. Did you?"The boy nodded. And as he took a bite of a french fry, he said, "Fourteen." He then hesitated a moment before adding, "Is nude ukrainian nymphets art that right daddy?""Almost", the man said. 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Then after a pause, he said, "It was good to see you feed my boy, here."Jock felt his heart drop to his stomach where they then both dropped to his shoes."Back at Fields", the man asserted."Oh", Jock muttered."Don't worry", the man said. "No one knows. And damn if I care.""You let him...?", Jock began to ask."Sure", Bill replied. "Why not. He likes it. You like it. They like it. I like it. Why wouldn't I let him?"Again Jock glanced over his shoulder to be sure no one was listening before me whispered, "In a public, you nymphets nudists know, and with so many?""How many, champ?", Bill asked Billy."Fourteen...I mean, FIFTEEN!", the small boy shouted out gleefully."Well, fourteen this time, champ", his father said. "Jim here was only asking how many in the special room."He then looked directly at Jock and added, "And you were number twelve back there, Jim."Although he was more nervous than he'd ever been in his life, Jock couldn't help but throb inside his suit trousers. 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Or if he was only trying to better shield the boy's naughty groping from anyone's view."He can't get enough, Jim", Bill said as he sat there, clearly eastern european nymphets aware of what his son was doing."He's been like this ever since he was real little", the father said. "I couldn't keep his hands off me down there from the time he could sit on my lap.""You serious?", Jock managed to get out as he tried to control himself from letting this little scamp make him cum again."He's always been a lollipop sucker", Bill whispered. "If you know what I mean by that.""Yeah. I think I do", Jock grunted, trying not to let this little boy make him ejaculate within his suit trousers."Yeah. I think you do, too", Bill said."My little Billy here can't get enough", the man said. "He never has been able to get enough. It's something his own mother never bothered to notice. But maybe that's because she was always gallivanting around.""That means cheating", nymphette pictures Billy said looking at Jock.He then continued to squeeze the man's huge, covered erection."She was a nymphet you cum cheat. Billy's got that right", Bill stated. "That's why I have sole custody over my little champ.""Mommy ran away and moved in with some man", Billy again stopped his massaging of Jock's cock in order to say."Which worked out nymphets pic free fine for me", Bill added. Courts granted me sole permanent custody since they could see she was nothing but a slut who deserted her family.As Jock tried to hold very nymphet sites off an orgasm, he managed to say, "That's a shame.""Nah", Bill grinned. "Biggest blessing that every happened. Well, next to the blessing of my little guy here."He then nodded toward the diner restrooms and offered, "If you want to feed him another load, you can take him in there. If great nymphets you need to shoot."Jock took a deep breath and tried to compose himself. He sternly but hot nymphet tgp gently gripped the little boy's wrist and took his small hand away from his crotch."Um. No", he said. "I better not. It's not right.""Why not?", Bill said. "You already pumped a whole young nymphets naked pics lot down his throat before. It's always alright.""I didn't mean, it's not right", Jock said, trying not to make Bill mad. He realized that while depraved, it was the best fun, if not most shocking, he'd had in a while."I meant, not here", Jock said, trying to keep the option of using this little guy's mouth again if need be."You can come with us", Bill said to Jock."Where are you going?", Jock said in a low voice."Over to City Hall", Bill said with a big old nasty grin on his face. "There's a big gloryhole in the men's room on the second floor."Jock nodded his head down toward Billy as he asked, "He...does them...that way, too? He uses gloryholes?""I like sucking lollipops through those holes, daddy", Billy affirmed."He's been sucking through gloryholes all his life", Bill smirked."All his life?", Jock asked. "I mean, how old can Billy be now?""Tell Jim", Bill said.And Jock turned in his seat to see the boy had six fingers held up. erotic teen nymphets "I'm six. But I was five and three quarters until last week.""And he's used men's room gloryholes...?", Jock said in an barely audible voice."All his life", Bill smiled. "In fact, I had to sit him on my lap the first time so he could reach the big lollipop oozing precum looking for a hungry mouth to eat it all down.""Jesus Christ", Jock muttered while actually his cock was so erect and straining within his trouser that it was painful."So, how 'bout it, Jim?", Bill said. "You up for a stroll over little nymphet young pussy to City Hall with us? There are always a lot of lollipops there for Billy to suck.""At City Hall?", Jock asked incredulously."Damn right at City Hall", Bill stated. "They're worse than many of the men in most places. And the cops look the other way because their Sarge had fed my little guy teenies nymphets here. So, what do you say? If you can stand up, that is."Bill laughed as Jock tried to join him, too."Yeah. We'll see if I can even get up", Jock joked nervously."Give it a minute", Bill said. "And then we'll head over there."As he felt his erection subside somewhat, Jock got up and free nymphet board for some reason grabbed both his tab and that of Bill and Billy's too."I'll get this", Jock said."Hey", Bill said. "You don't need to do that.As they three of them went to the cashier counter, Billy between them, it occurred to Jock that they probably looked like two brothers with one of their sons."I nymphets japan want to get this", Jock said as he reached for his wallet. He didn't say why but down deep he felt it was the least he could do after pumping his cum into the boy's mouth.And now, if he followed them over to City Hall, he knew Billy would be sucking his massive Irish cock again.Hell, Jock felt that was worth at least the price of grilled cheese and fries. end -part twomore to come
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